Pausing breaks game while testing in "Clients and Servers"

Right now, the Pause function of testing is broken when testing in “Clients and Servers”

In the server, the editing camera glitches slightly (Changes Position) and some scripts stop running.
It’s possible to fix the issue by clicking on “Play” again.

In the client, the behaviour is different, once again, the camera glitches out, but this time, it enters into the “free-roaming” camera found in the edit mode, the player’s character stops all of it’s animations, gets stuck like it was anchored and doesn’t answer to any command, including resetting. The only way to fix the issue is to disconnect the client, because, for some reason, it will not be possible to click on Play.

Glitched Camera:

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Hey, we are looking into this internally. Thank you for the report!

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