Pay to play? or no

I would like to make my newest game cost Robux to enter (25 Robux). Is this game worth 25 Robux?!/game-instances

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Can you make is free for review. It is easier for everyone.

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Although the game is pretty good, I don’t think it should be pay to play.

Unrelated, but please add some trees in the map, it would look a lot better. Use the ones from the official Roblox Forest Pack.

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There are trees, lol. I guess I should add more though. Thanks for your reply.

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I say wait until its popular, so many people know about it and are willing to pay. Maybe tease a new big update and then when that update comes make it pay to play?

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Also, not sure if its intentional, but on phone the screen tilts to where your playing up and down, not side to side. A few games have this, and from my experience, it is NOT a fun way of playing.

I think this game should be free until there are more things to do added and the graphics are improved.

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I have had this in a previous game. How do I fix this?

That would probably end up losing all interest in the game and end everything.