[pay updated] Bleu Pigs - Position Openings


This is the Bleu Pigs Position Openings thread. This thread will be updated as positions become available or close. If all positions are currently closed, check back later for updated postings or listen under Community Improvers #announcement channel.

About us

Bleu Pigs is looking to recruit volunteers for its open source community projects. Bleu Pigs is a social Scripting community which maintains an active ScriptBuilder with the intent of socializing with productive members. Click me to learn more about us and our goals

The Jobs

We currently have two positions available. You can view the application description to learn more about the position.


We can currently offer the following one time payments:

  • Community Improvement Manager: 10k robux
  • Community Improver: 5k robux

Payments will be paid out after showing commitment to the role within the community. Beyond this, we do not have the ability to provide any additional form of compensation toward your efforts. However, you will gain tons of experience from a massive roadmap and from a peculiar community unlike others. Additionally, there are plans to eventually make income for some form of continous compensation, at which we will discuss as a team with the community’s agreement at the time.


Speaking as being a member of Bleu Pigs, I can say with confidence that it’s an amazing community, and being with them is an honour. They’re helpful and respectful. I would heavily recommend that anyone who views this should sign up.


We are still in need of more applicants. We won’t be able to move forward with our projects without a few more people as desired.


As a member of Bleu Pigs, I too, highly encourage anyone interested in scripting here on ROBLOX to sign up.
Everyone in the community is very helpful and friendly, and to help keep it that way should be in everyones interest.


I find Bleu Pigs to be a very helpful group, it’s open to those wishing to learn more about how Lua and the interaction with the roblox engine works, aswell as game concepts. I feel lucky to have met it.


So to be clear, you’re giving one time payment for a long term position, where the payment is given “when it feels like you’ve earned it.”

That could be why you have issues finding people. And what’s stopping someone from leaving as soon as they’re paid then? Pretty much nothing. Bad business practice if you’re looking for someone to stay for a long time. Should just consider someone who is already familiar with your community for these roles and enjoys the “helping the cause” nature of the role.


Yes and no. The payment will be given once the user shows commitment, thus why it’s stated the way it is. This is because we had a few attempts in the past where the user didn’t show commitment yet wanted the payment. This is how we decided to resolve it as a group.

We’d love to continuously pay those who contribute to our group! However, we’ve been operating under a volunteer/open source model since the formation of our community where it’s currently impossible to give continuous payments which are worth while cause we don’t have such income. We understand this means there may not be much in terms of motivation to apply, but we do have plans for those who commit to turn some of our creations into profit. (Once we feel it’s stable enough, we’ll sell our bot as a service to other communities, which have shown interest already due to what our bot is intended to do: fully automate the administrative tasks of our community)


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