Paying 4k robux for a new thumbnail for BLOODFEST

Game here:

I’m adding some updates to the game and need a new thumbnail to go with it. Please PM me some of your past work if you are interested.

The thumbnail must feature a zombie from the game (supplied by me) and needs to be 3D rendered.

Should the Bloodfest logo be provided too?

Side note: If the model was pre-rendered you’d get faster responses from people that are less confident with rendering. The pre-rendered model could then be optional for the graphics artist to use in case they would like to render their own version :slight_smile:

Yes the bloodfest logo will be provided and needs to be on the thumbnail. Thanks for pointing that out.

Also I agree with your side note. I welcome any artists who aren’t as confident with 3D rendering. Worst case I can find someone to replicate the 3D scene and render what the artist set up.

I use to play that game a lot, too bad i’m not into thumbnail creating anymore.

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