Paying 5-10k+ for thumbnail renders and advertisements

The most recent game I’ve been working on for 9 months has just been released in a beta testing phase. It’s a simulator mixed with RPG elements. We’re still resolving some bugs and adding new content and we’re currently looking to hire someone who has experience in rendering thumbnails and ad designs. I can pay 3-5k per ad design and 5-10k per thumbnail based on the quality of the work. If multiple people want to make designs I’m willing to pay them for those as well. Here’s a link to the game below, dm me if you’re interested.


Off topic but, who made your gamepass icons? :slight_smile:

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I posted here to look for new devs, not to lose the ones I have :joy:

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I create thumbnails and icons if you check my page there is a post with examples and prices.

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Perfect! I’ll dm you. @flame9910

I have been creating thumbnails and ad’s for 2 years now. Im very intreasted!

I need a thumbnail, would you do it for 7 k?

What is your discord username?

I very highly recommend @flame9910 for this as he’s incredible with RPG style games and i think he can make an incredible thumbnail for you


I can do it for 7k. Dm me on discord. or further talk.

I need for this game a icon and thumbnail (render)

Hello im interested do you provide object in the scene? or the avatar? or do i need to make my own? if youre intesrest on hiring me DM me in devforum or discord: pup_seas#2214

If you really care about your developers then you’d inform me so I can commission them, help a dev to help a dev lol

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