[PAYING] Animal Builders Needed

Hello RbxDev,

TL;DR: I’m paying for a builder to make four farm animals which can be animated.

Players will be able to purchase the animals, and the animals will walk around their farm.
After a set amount of time the player will be able to collect a product from the animal, like Milk, Wool, Eggs, etc.
Currently I need these animals:

  • Cow
  • Sheep
  • Chicken
  • Goat

I’ll pay per animal, and I’ll need more animals in the future.
I’ll discuss the price with the builder, but it will be a good price.

Side note: I still need a map builder, as described here.

You should try to contact WafflemanXx. He’s not on the dev forums but he’s active on the Roblox site and on Twitter. He’s already built quite a few animals for fun and they all look great, so he might be the person you’re looking for.

Off-topic: ‘building’ should be ‘builder’ in the tl;dr

Thanks, fixed that!

I have contacted him, but he said he’s busy, unfortunately. Thanks though!

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