Paying for weapons and vehicles

I need around:
8 vehicles (Cars, trucks),
6 weapons(guns).

PS. I only want the buildings. I don’t you to do any scripting. Leave that to me hehe.

We can negotiate how much robux you will get paid.

Please contact me on if you’re interested.

Feel free to ask questions.

Thanks for the heads up

I’d love to help out, can you give us more specifics on what kind of vehicles and guns you are looking for?

Do you have an email that I can contact you on?

I do have an email but I’m not gonna give it out unless I’m interested in actually helping out. So at least the general theme needs to be stated here or examples of what you are looking for.

I’ll be needing 3 types of pistol, an SMG, an AK-47, a shotgun and a rocket launcher. I can give you more details and images through email but those are the general types of weapons that I’m looking for.

I’ll also tell you how much robux I’m willing to offer in the email depending on how quickly you’ll be able to get the weapons finished.

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