Payment System Specifically For Freelance Commissioners

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to provide funding via gamepasses due to the 30% taxation. I am aware funding via gamepasses and developer products are specifically for the player base of a specific game. However, the only other option for paying developers is Group Funds, and that’s only targeted towards Long Term developers who are already in the group for a long time and are eligible for group payouts.

What I and most likely other developers want is a smooth and effort-free payment system specifically for short-term and freelance developers.

A system like this will include:

  • Little to no taxation rate as this is for payment specifically to developers who will in turn generate funding via gamepass being purchased by the player base, so gamepass won’t be obsolete.

  • Application system to the payment system where certain boxes have to be ticked to be eligible to partake in the system. For example, member of the developer forum, must have a portfolio for application readers to sift through, must be on the developer forum and roblox for a specific amount of time and will be good standing in the developer forum.

  • A simple and protected payment system - this will work similar to trading, however instead of limiteds, you are exchanging a place file, blender file, model, image, etc in exchange for robux. I am aware this might have scammers frothing at the mouth, but a way to fix this is a way for the clients to check and view the product (with a watermark with images).

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because it will provided a safe payment experience with both the client and the commissioner with protection from both parties.

This will not effect group funds nor gamepasses, as they are both for different purposes.

I assume this problem has addressed multiple times, however I did not see a post specifically requesting for a system, instead of small changes. This will be a miracle to freelancers like me generating funds for the game, because to be honest, payments such as maps will be high, and a taxation on the high amount means a lot more to pay, and this is a very big problem.

I hope Roblox is either making a system, or further improving the system to help developers in the future.

Thank you for reading,


I strongly agree to all of this!

Before I found a studio to work at full time, I did commissions for about four years. I found that using PayPal was less of a hassle, but I know that only works for commissioned devs who are 18+ and have a PayPal account - not everyone fits that criteria. Not to mention I had to provide my full name for PayPal (PayPal’s own ToS), which I know a lot of people are understandably cautious of.

Features like this would enable a lot more new (and younger) devs to start doing commissions too.


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