Payout Percentage History Should Be More Efficient

As as developer, it is currently extremely difficult to navigate the group payout transactions when being paid by percentage. At the moment, when paying out of group funds by percent, the transaction log shows payouts in various intervals throughout the day. This requires tedious amounts of scrolling just to reach transactions from a short time ago.

This is just a snippet of my payouts from 4/14 and 4/15, there are a ton of them for just those two days. If you’re being paid by percent through a group, its likely just as messy for you.

There should be a more efficient and clean method of payout by percent that doesn’t cause this kind of clutter. At the very least, the transactions should be grouped together by date automatically to avoid unnecessary numbers like the ones currently.


If you wanted a system that sorted them by source or amount that could be helpful. However, I like having the data to see robux by robux where everything came from.

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Ouch, I cringed. Try doing payouts at the 3rd of the month post 5PM PDT, when all revenue from the previous month is in, then do percentages off of that

Abandon percentage payout as it currently is on Roblox and do payouts using spreadsheet.

You have your game, take monthly revenue stats (hopefully those won’t die anytime soon lmao)

Paste the 1 row 4 column into a spreadhseet somewhere and reference it in your game’s income statement.
Account for any expenses, because profit = revenue - expenses.

Payout to your developers according to agreed terms on the profit of the game.