(PAYPAL USD) Programmer for Arcade Game

Hello, this is a continuation of me wanting to recreate arcade games for nostalgic purposes.

I feel like watching the video would explain more than me trying to put it in words, so I’ve linked the video of the working game in real life:

**There is no need for any of the rolling of the balls. This machine will be running the horses and randomly will choose one to win first. There will be 12 horses, and the first 6 will receive tickets. It will cost tickets to play. I have a ticket system set up, so you’ll have to work that into the programming, hopefully it isn’t too difficult. (This is what the programmer would do)

Pay is able to be discussed privately. I am able to pay more for good quality, so please don’t hesitate to leave your contact if you are interested. Alternatively you can message me.


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