Pbr Materials Resize

Hello! This is probably really easy to do, but I cannot find out how to do it, I have been using PBR materials but I find they stretch out when trying to resize the block, is there a way to fix this?

I just want it so it works like a texture, I have tried on a normal part with normal textures but it doesn’t work.

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If the textures are stretching out when you resize a block, make sure you’re using a texture and not a decal.


Can’t you change the scale of the texture size? I believe the default is 4x4 but you can change it to whatever you want.

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If I use textures, they don’t work for me. They don’t overlap all the different textures on my screen, I don’t know if that’s just a problem on my end?

@sou_p ^^^

What do you mean by ‘they don’t overlap’? Could you share a screenshot?

he probably means seams of the texture is visible. if it is then thats on your end @CharlieValognas make sure to have seamless textures

PBR materials, by default, don’t stretch. And they’re not supposed to. PBR materials should only be added to meshes that have been textured, and that was the main reason for their addition. Because, in theory, they would be added to meshes, the need for them to stretch would not be present.

If you want, you should make the wall in Blender, and texture it that way.

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I’ve heard that PBR materials as of now cannot be tiled like a texture instance. I think its only intended to be used for meshes with predefined shape and size as of now, like a car, and not for parts to build with.

I dont know for sure.

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PBR materials do not stretch like a texture. If you created the texture, you must make the texture your desired length before importing it into roblox. If you are using a texture you found offline then you’ll have to stick with making your walls, floors, roofs, etc. one brick at a time.
Try making the wall in Blender (Or some other modeling program), texturing it, and then exporting the whole wall and texture(s) into roblox.