PBR Texture flickered on Skinned Mesh animation [MOBILE EXCLUSIVE]

Hi Nakata1609. We are a bit puzzled. When we log into Digimon Masters the logs show that the new skinning code that is supposedly causing these issues is disabled and we don’t see the problem, so we don’t understand how it persists on your end. If you could share one of your logs with us that would help us understand what could be going on. You can find these logs in the directory mentioned by Sir_Bedevere:

C:\Users\ username \AppData\Local\Roblox\logs

The log files have names like this:


If you could send us some of the logs produced before 9:30 PM today that would be greatly appreciated.

I’m going to disable the new skinning code globally again. Hopefully that should also make the bug disappear on your end.


Maybe it is bot the skinning mesh code. I have reports from player that they experienced a working rig in a different server. Once there is one buggy rig in a server, every PC in that server will experience it.

I also just experienced the squished bug while resizing an animated rig in studio. It was weird because I never experienced that before except for when morphing into the character.

FWIW we are still looking into the graphics glitching on mobile issue, we have not forgotten about it.

We know exactly what it is, but there are different fixes proposed and some may have other performance issues.

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