PBR textures failing to load

Basically the PBR textures for my meshes are not loading. It’s only been happening with newer PBR textures i’ve uploaded, and it’s been happening for almost 3 days.

It’s random on which mesh’s PBR textures load (sometimes the head of the fire axe loads and sometimes it won’t), and it randomly changes when leaving and entering the game.

I’ve already tried changing the format of the images to .jpeg (they’re .png images). I’ve reuploaded all of them at least a few times already. I’ve also fully reuploaded the meshes and rebaked all of the textures for them.

Nothing helped.
I’m all out of ideas and i can’t find anything to help.

What’s the resolution of these textures? Maybe try lowering it? Just a guess, I’m using 512x512 PBR textures and I’m not having problems with loading it.

Also, is this happening in Roblox Studio or in-game? Or both? If it’s in Studio maybe try re-installing it?

It’s happening in both Roblox Studio and Roblox, and it sometimes doesn’t load for other players as well in Roblox

The PBR texture resolution is 1024x1024. I think Roblox automatically downscales images to be 512x512, i’ll try lowering it though

Yeah from what I know it downscales, really weird bug of yours, maybe the downscaling process is failing, my 512x512 PBR textures sometimes take up to 20 seconds to load on Studio (I never tested in-game), maybe using a lower resolution fixes it.

Changing the resolution to 512x512 did not help sadly
I recently grabbed some free PBR textures from online to replace some of the already existing Roblox textures and those aren’t loading either

(I probably should’ve said this earlier but when it gives me the error saying that the PBR textures may not be visible in game, it’s only able to load the color map and nothing else)

thats sould like a roblox issue. Are you also having issues with pbr material variants?

Yes, material variants are not always working correctly either
It’s been happening for about 4-5 days now

PBR textures are now working again
It most likely was a hiccup that Roblox had

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