[PDTN] Application Center Revamp Complete (Post #3)

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We’re thrilled to finally be able to bring you all our brand new Application Center!

Listed below is all of the changes/additions added to the Application Center.

  • We’ve finally made the Application Center compatible with our mobile users!

This includes our Mobile, iPad, and Tablet users (does not include console users)

  • No more loading errors!

There will no longer be a loading error that some players had with seeing a white screen

  • An option to re-edit your written answers for questions!

There is now an option to go back to a question to re-edit an answer you’ve already written

  • Removing the reading section for status checks!

There is no longer a ‘Reading’ status check for an application submission

  • New & improved declined application status check!

The status check will now tell you why your application has been declined by our application team

Play the New Application Center here!

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