[PDTN] Information on Upcoming v1.8 Restaurant Update (Post #5)

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Due to hapless reasons, the v1.8 update will have to be slightly delayed. We were hoping for a release in early mid-July, but sometimes life doesn’t go the way you planned. We know we’re awful at gauging release dates but this one was over our head. Starting with this post, we endeavor to be completely accurate with dates for future updates.

A huge thanks to everyone for being such a patient and dedicated community; we are super excited for you all to finally be able to see the update that we’ve been working on for quite some time.

With this being said, please don’t feel obligated to play the game, especially if it feels dry right now. We want the community to have fun rather than mindlessly grind, so if you’re bored with the game consider taking a break and coming back when the update is out.

Our timeline for the future:

  • Release v1.8 in 2021!

    • We have been working on this update with multiple developers (unexpectedly) and plan to release a smaller version of what we have hoped for. We’re not including everything we’ve been working on, but over time v1.8 will be fully complete with multiple updates.
  • Make the game mobile compatible!

    • Ever since we launched Pablo’s, one major change we seek is to include our mobile device users. Keep patiently waiting until this feature drops!
  • Add many exciting features and fixing all bugs before releasing v2! (1-3 months)

    • We will be adding tons of updates and fixes after the initial release of v1.8. We plan to continue this until version 2 of Pablo’s is complete. In terms of v2; we can happily say that v2’s build-progression so far is looking absolutely spectacular.

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