PE Airport Lounge Build

I recently got a commission to do a airport lounge build, The details were pretty straightforward, And relating to this image:

This is what I currently have:


They said to rely on the image but also add a ton to make it stand out, I think
I did that, Maybe more than what they were expecting haha

Any feedback is appreciated! :smiley:


Wow! I think it looks really nice! I don’t see any issues! :+1:


This build is amazing. I guess you could improve the lighting as lighting gives life to builds and stuff. Also, I find that the ceiling color is not blending with the scene.
But overall it’s amazing! :grinning:

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I do agree with the ceiling situation, That room was empty before with just that ceiling and even I asked to change it. They said no due to it being the whole top of that row of those rooms, So sadly I can’t currently change it :frowning_face: Thanks for the feedback :+1:

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The construction looks a little bit too grayish, in my opinion. Every else looks incredibly detailed, and you should be proud of your skills.

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Yeah haha I agree, They did want me to do a grey theme that I personally found really cool for modern! Thanks for the feedback! :+1:

I thought the first picture was the build and I was like: “Is this even roblox???”, but ye the build looks really good, I love the modern design and the colors. Great job. :slight_smile:

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