PEA | Teaching Guide

This section is to help teachers get a basic understanding on how to perform their basic job. Please read below. If you have any questions, please Attend a training or Contact a supervisor

Alternative Areas

You are more than welcome to learn different alternative areas. These areas are places to help students engage more in the classroom. If you want to use an alternative learning area, make sure to ask or go see if anyone is using the areas. If not you may host your class there. These places include but not limited to are the:

  • Library
  • Gym

If you wish to host your class there, make sure you WALK your students to that area, and let a receptionist or an MR know.


When heading to your classroom you are able to do stuff with your board however please make sure when doing your boards it is nothing inappropriate. You may write your lesson or your agenda on your board by using the ‘Key’ tool. Some students don’t learn as fast as others and you need to understand that if you don’t understand then this isn’t the job for you it is very important that you understand students.


Students sometimes learn at their own pace, so please be patient when it comes to students not understanding the topic you are teaching for that shift. You can always reach out to them on Discord and help them out a little more. If anyone catches you giving attitude to students you will be facing consequences that could possibly lead to termination. So just remember to always be patient and to be wise with your words.

Understanding Students

You must understand that students are here either because they want to learn or they want to meet friends. You also do not know what is going on in their lives so treat them the way they want to be treated. If the student seems to have any emotional issues or anything that has to do with the outside learning environment, please make sure to contact a Guidance Counselor or if they want to talk to a specific person in private, please contact the person either by messaging them on Discord or pming them in game.

Admin Commands
YOU ARE IN NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM ALLOWED TO ABUSE YOUR ADMIN COMMANDS. If caught, you WILL be terminated and blacklisted on the spot. The only admin command you should be using, is:

  • pm admins
  • View
  • give me
  • give user