Peach Build - Building Made Easy

Hello there fellow developers, recently I was doing a project and noticed a lack of building modules that fit my needs which is why I bring to you :star2: PEACH Build :star2:.

It brings together an amazing UI and easy setup + functionality to provide the best experience possible!


Version 1.0

As you can see in the Video (DELETED CAUSE VERY LAGGY) I cannot place items outside of the invisible square. This is because I enabled the AllwaysPlace settings to false. I also can’t place anymore objects in the square after I place ten. This is because of the Customizable limit :smiley:


In order to be able to use this module please enable the following requirement:

  • Roblox Studio :skull:


Once you install this module you will need to place the folders in the appropriate areas. I.E. ServerScriptServer folder goes in ServerScriptServer. PLEASE PLEASE make sure to put all the CHILDREN in the place designated instead of the actual folder.

Upon installing this module nothing will happen. You will need to go to configuration (StartgerGui → Peach Building → Config) and change the settings to your prefrence. Then place all of your builds (As models with EVERY single child a part / mesh) into your folder that you chose to store builds (Recommended: Replicated Storage → Builds) and run your game. Once opening the UI you should be greeted with a build menu of all yours builds :smiley:


If you need any help please Contact me and I will help you (GMT + 0 Timezone)
Any feedback is respected and happily recieved.

Please Select Your 3 Favourite Feautres For The Next Update
  • Improved UI (Dark Mode as example)
  • Grid Snap
  • More Options / Settings
  • Custom (Comment)
  • Animations (Animate the moving of blocks)
  • Smoother Feel (Kinda like Animations)

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Get The Module For Roblox

I currently do not provie a Github link but it will be out very shortly. Thanks for your time :smiley:

External Modules Used
VERSION 1 - None


Please don’t make this so advanced. It would be nice if you could just include the building system without the ui or data storing since I have my own database.

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There is no Data Storing (That was a planned optional feauture) It is just a UI that contains all of YOUR INPUTTED builds that you put in a folder and linked to the config. This just provides a nice UI and a system for building (Server Sided).

API Access is not to access DataStore

Thanks so much for your feedback :smiley:

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Then what is the api access for? I’m only aware of DataStoreService needing access to api services.

It is’nt now (I enabled it on this forum post bc I ran into issues when not enabling it) but it is fixed now.

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Animations, Improved UI and Grid Snap are now being implemented. Will release V2 shortly…

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