Peak of Ascension - Showcase

Hello everyone, today I wanted to try something new and I think I did well…
I used ROBLOX’s Terrain + Nature pack to create this beautiful scene. I hope everyone likes it! If you have any feedback PLEASE tell me so I can improve even more! If you want to support aswell, I’d be happy!
P.S: Make sure to have your graphics on max to have a better experience!

Here’s the link: [SHOWCASE] Peak of Ascension (Part 1) - Roblox


A picture if someone is too lazy to visit the place:


I love the lighting! Amazing work!

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This is really great! Keep up the good work! It would really fit for a game or some sort!

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I’m currently working on a project. I wanted to see the community’s response to see if I need to change anything, because this is my first time working with terrain and lighting!! Thank you for your words!

Thank you so much for your kind words! ^^

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Anytime! Your welcome! I’ll be looking forward to that project to see what it looks like!

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One word: AMAZING!

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You think so? Thank you so much :pray:

Absolutely! The color scheme is awesome, perfect combination of the orange-red light together with the blue sky and water.

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it looks amazing, my only suggestion is maybe shine some light on the tree in the center of the lake to give it a special, stand-out feeling, beside that i think everything is amazing especially the lighting.

edit: i also love the fireflies.

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Oooo nice Idea! Thank you for your time and appreciation!!:raised_hands: