Pebble texture specular is now flat

Today while building, i noticed my simulated coal (very black part with pebble texture) now looks like black concrete or dirt. the outlines of the pebbles are now blended in with the brick color rather then being visible like it used to be.

This seems to be the only color that i found that pebble suddenly has issues with. As far as i know, this was not a problem earlier this week, this is a vary new bug (or frustrating intentional update?).

This used to look like a coal load, because the pebble texture could be seen, giving a look of black stones. It looks even better on a mound shaped mesh part. But now it looks like black dirt. I would make one block of coal at a time but… that’s not vary performance friendly on a locomotive.

To further clarify, here’s a picture of a black pebble part. You can’t see any of the pebbles highlighted by the sun.

Thank you for reading my report, hope to hear back soon.