Pegasus Contractors Information

Pegasus Contractors - When you need it done, now

Pegasus Contractors is a department of Pegasus Intelligence Services. We deal with surveillance, intelligence and contracting, usually security and mercenary tasks. We offer our men and women in high-risk situations. We are capable of performing raids, training operatives for tasks such as information gathering, surveillance and much more.
Our department is currently run by HMShip_Warspite. Our founders believe they’ve made the right decision in choosing the correct person. Please do not contact him for any unimportant reason though.

Why choose Pegasus Contractors?

Pegasus Intelligence Services only employs the best of the best. The entrance process has been created so that we only get the best of the best. We provide the following services:

  • Surveillance (of targets on ROBLOX; including but not limited to RoNations, Police RP groups);
  • Mercenaries (trained individuals, both skilled in first person and third person, that may join your group to assist your personnel with raiding, capturing fugitives etc; any genre);
  • Security (trained individuals in professional security; these individuals are perfect for protection of special landmarks, governmental visits, VIP protection, high-profile protection).

We do our best to provide our services. If you wish to hire us, please visit our ROBLOX group and head to our Social Links. You know what to do next.

Current Rank Structure

Our current rank structure for our contracting department is as follows:

Low Ranks:

Junior Contractor individual has completed necessary training and has officially joined the contracting department; users in the intelligence department will be issued an alt;
General Contractor has shown sufficient or exceeding activity and has done a minimum of either 1 intelligence related task, 3 security tasks or 2 mercenary related tasks;
Senior Contractor has successfully completed 4 intelligence related tasks, 8 security related tasks or 6 mercenary related tasks;
Operations Contractor has completed minimum tasks for his/her respective branch and has successfully passed the operations contractor application form;
Lead Contractor has been selected by a staff member to lead minor operations or assist with documentation of events regarding the department

Staff Ranks:
Operations Manager only obtainable by nomination; manages operation dates or plans security escorts in accordance to events;
Operations Director only obtainable by nomination; directs operations of all three branches;
The Contractor ~unobtainable~