Pending audio should always play exclusively in studios

When uploading audio it immediately goes into a pending status. Due to this status it can’t be played by anyone except the owner of the audio.


This exception is a great time saver because waiting 30 minutes for an audio to be approved would seriously slow down a development workflow. HOWEVER, uploading audio under a group game results in the group being the owner of this audio. This does not give the uploader the ability to preview the audio in studios immediately. This forces the uploader to wait the ~30ish minutes until the audio is approved. Which then the audio can be previewed. If the developer decides changes must be made to the audio after previewing, they will then need to reupload and wait another ~30ish minutes to preview again.

I’ve always uploaded audio under my profile for group games due to this inconvenience. Unfortunately, I must upload to a group due to recent audio privacy changes ([Action Needed] Upcoming Changes to Asset Privacy for Audio, [Update] Changes to Asset Privacy for Audio). This is why I propose audio (and possibly any other asset including mesh parts, decals, and animations) have the flexibility to preview for anyone in studios while in a pending state. I have been in the process of reuploading audio and it has been taking much longer due to the fact I can not preview my audio until approved. This would also give team members the convenience of hearing pending sound effects while developing.

Uploader : The person who uploaded the audio.
Owner : The person or group that the audio was uploaded to.

We are looking at two different ways to upload audio here:

  1. Upload under profile. The uploader and the owner of the audio are the same. The uploader enjoys the luxery of instant prevewing inside studios.
  2. Upload under a group. The uploader and the owner of the audio are different. The uploader must wait until the audio is approved to preview inside studios. Halting the development.