Pending Robux does not match gamepass "Creator earnings" value

Reproduction Steps

  1. Create a gamepass and set it to 5714.
  2. Buy the gamepass and check your transaction (the sales of good area)

Expected Behavior

I would expect it to give me 4000 Robux as it says in the Creator earnings (70%) area and I would expect to see the correct value in the sales of goods area of the my transactions.

Actual Behavior

It seems to give you 3429 (shows that in the transactions) but it says I should get in 4000 in the Creator earnings (70%) area.


Issue Area: My Transactions (or possibly the gamepass sales page)
Page URL (gamepass): Payment - Roblox
Impact: Medium - Someone would get less earnings then expected (it does not seem to happen for every price though it seems)
Frequency: Only tested once when someone paid me for a commision.

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We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database for your issue, and will follow up when we have updates!

Thanks for the report!

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Following up on this!

This is expected behavior, because this was an affiliate sale. 10% goes to the affiliate, 60% to the creator, and 30% to the marketplace tax.

3429 is 60%
571 is 10%
remaining is 30%

5714 total

You can check this article for more information!

I thought affiliate sales are if it was brought inside of someones experience? Also another gamepass someone brought that I owned, I got the same amount even though it was by the same person around the same time. Not totally sure why it was taken as an affiliate sale.

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@Focia19 So any updates? I think it was falsely put as an affiliate sale.

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