Pending Sales are not passing

I’m a doofus, 2 days pending gets frozen, so sales from the 23rd aren’t passing.

However, i am getting a tiny bit through every day. much slower than it’s coming in though.
a little less than 1k is making it through a day, if i were to guess it’s from the 10 R$ dev products on one of my games, makes the small purchase immune to the freeze.


This seems fairly possible. I either can see that some sales are actually passing the pending sales system. I use a fair amount of devproducts in game. In meantime players who sold shirts or gamepasses don’t have any sales of goods.

Source: @Synimistic (Published upon permission)

tl;dr Seems that only GamePass and Asset type of products are stuck in the queue.


We are aware and engineers are investigating.


I see a spike in my group payouts amount. Went from 30k to 50k within an hour. I think the services are recovering. Will update this information soon.

Edit: Went up by another 5k within seconds just after writing this message.

Edit 2: For me group payouts went from 30k to 90k in total and are stuck again.

Edit 2: Enabled again.


Hey developers,

The Robux that are stuck in a pending state should be correctly processed over the next 3-4 hours. Thanks for letting us know and for your patience while our engineers diagnosed the problem over the holiday.

Happy New Year!

Developer Relations


Can a #updates:incident-reports or similar be posted about this providing more details about how this issue came about? I’ve seen a degree of debating within the developer community about the issue.


A full-detail incident report won’t be decided on until we’re all back in the office - we’ll have to measure any impact this had and determine if it’s appropriate to devote more time to this issue (those incident reports do take some time) or if everything is all good now.