Pending Sales are not passing

The transactions are not passing pending sales since 25th December 2019 (Seems that funds coming from 25th December are not going through).

My group payouts (I don’t sell assets under my profile, I use % payout in group) are slowly reaching 2.5% of a normal (appropriate) value. All the transactions are accumulated under the “Pending Sales” category. This has been happening for 2 days already. This is a weird behaviour, because for the most developers (including me) 25th December has brought the most revenue.

In my case I was getting similiar amount of Robux from a game (which is at least 100k daily in 25th-27th). That suggests I should have at least 210k in group payouts. In meantime only 35k show. Meantime when I divide Group Payouts by Pending Sales, I get 2.5%. Pending sales keep growing while group payouts are getting lower and lower.

Some people suggested it might be ProcessReceipt fault, but I can’t agree with that. My game gets 81.5% of the income from the gamepasses so 2.5% compared to that seems completely out of place.

I have asked other developers if they encounter the same issue and it feels like it affects major part of Roblox. It has been recently introduced and completely prevents the functionality of earning money across many Roblox games.

Edit: I realize my language might have caused it seem messy, but to elaborate further on what I meant:

I had 1M+ in my pending sales for a week already (I usually have smaller value). On 28th I had 100k in group payouts. Today the value of group payouts got lowered to 30k (when it should grow due to the incredible christmas sales revenue).


  1. Status update (subcritical_alt 12/30/2019 23:51 UTC ) Pending Sales are not passing
  2. Update on affected assets (DevKurka 01/01/2020 11:44 UTC) Pending Sales are not passing
  3. Official status update (coefficients 01/01/2020 15:50 UTC) Pending Sales are not passing
  4. Service is recovering (DevKurka 01/01/2020 19:38 UTC) Pending Sales are not passing
  5. Confirmed that the problem was solved (coefficients 01/01/2020 20:48 UTC) Pending Sales are not passing

Current Status:


I’ve cleared the critical tag because this is not a case of purchase failures, since players are getting what they bought, it’s just that the pending sales are taking longer to get through to developer funds than usual. It does not require immediate investigation from engineers. (See:


I can confirm this happens,



(It shows todays purchase as week)




This is replicating for me as well, rather annoying since now is a good time to re-invest the money surge from christmas.


When is this going to be fixed? I have over 1,000 USD worth of robux that I need to DevEx. I legit need to buy food as the start of a new month is near and the long-pending time is causing me to have to dip into my personal savings account. If Roblox intended to do this they could’ve at least warned it’s developers so we could’ve taken precautions. This is unacceptable.


I thought I was the only one, this is also happening for me.
A few days after Christmas I noticed very small amounts were going through when most of it should’ve been out by yesterday.
Hopefully this gets cleared up before the new year.


I am hoping this is being prioritized by the engineering team because I owe some developers robux for their work and due to this, I cannot pay them tax-free and they are still waiting for their payment.


Myself and others can confirm this as well. This starting happening on the 25th of December, like the OP said.
These number don’t add up, do they? Like grilme99 said, this isn’t a big deal.


Was planning on submitting a DevEx request before my premium expires, looks like i’ll have to renew unless this gets fixed in the next day or two.


You are correct but it’s more concerning for people who rely on DevEx to put food on the table and to pay their bills. We also don’t know if these pending sales will even come through eventually if this isn’t looked at.


I Would honestly imagine its intentional, since so much robux entered the economy and that means a lot more people are venerable to scams, this means roblox has time to deal with more cases involving robux, however I think roblox is neglecting its developers for the good of the player.


Please only respond when you have new information to add.

This behavior, even more so without warning, is entirely unacceptable if Roblox wants to convince people that they can actually make a living through game development on the platform. What becomes of the people who have bills to pay? People who depend on their income? Contracts to uphold?

Roblox is thriving in large part due to the fact people believe that they can use it as a primary source of income. The less stable that potential source of income seems, the fewer people will try.

Edit: even more unacceptable is the fact that this post has been up for almost an entire business day and hasn’t even been acknowledged yet. Peoples’ livelihood is at stake here, this should be taken more seriously.


Since no Roblox staff has updated this topic yet, I will quote @Subcritical_alt 's message from the community server just in case someone is curious about the situation.

@DevKurka Yes, it has been surfaced internally”


That’s what suggests this is a real issue and is being investigated.


I can confirm, this is happening on my part too.


This is probably related to Roblox Christmas hours. The 72-hour pending thing is in place to prevent scammed Robux from entering the group. Less staff means they’re fewer people to respond to support tickets about scams.


Even so, this particular behavior has never happened on any other business holiday in the history of Roblox. At the very least, we need a warning if there’s going to be some sort of income freeze.


I went and tallied up all my earnings, and it seems my freeze started on the 23rd, which is odd considering everyone else’s started on the 25th


The freeze has ended for me, I now have my funds. Does it work for everybody else now?


For me it’s still broken. Pending sales still growing while no change to group payouts.