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Hello! I am stickza here to ask some questions for help, I am currentley working on a Game involving penguins that will work for you. You can upgrade these penguins to work harder and get bigger plants that produce more coins to take to Farma’ Joe! So in order for my Dream game to come true I need some help, and thats where you guys come in.

I am contacting you guys today because in this game I need help on getting my game to where you can buy these penguins. I mean pretty much like some other ROBLOX Games where you go to a little shop in the o’l village and you can buy new things, but those things of course are (Penguins) What should I do and if you guys could help me that would mean a lot! :slight_smile:

P.S I will post here some.

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You’ve come to the right place with the wrong request. Please see the category guidelines in terms of what you should do before posting threads here.

Try doing this yourself through the many resources already available (DevForum threads on shop items, toolbox items for shops, so on). You also should provide actual content that you need help debugging or fixing rather than asking for something to be written up for you.

You’ve asked for help on what you should do, but I’m sure you already answered that question yourself: create a Gui where you’re able to purchase penguins.

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Hopefully it’s ok for me to still offer some advice. Like colbert2677 said, it sounds like you’re trying to create a GUI shop.

To do this, you first need the GUI element. You can use ScreenGui, Frames, TextLabels, Buttons, etc.

Next you’ll want to communicate with the server using RemoteEvents or RemoteFunctions:

Then you can use DataStores to subtract the cost from the player’s stash of coins. DataStores can also be used to store the penguin that the player has purchased for when they rejoin the game.

Finally, you’ll need to give the player the penguin to use in the game.

Hopefully this helps you get started!

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Thanks so much for the reply, I understand now that I will come with real questions.

Thanks so much! I appreciate it.

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