People Are Becoming Way Too Dependent on the Scripting Support Category to a Point Where They Ask for Help Excessively

I have to admit that more and more people are just asking for help. If I then send you a tutorial video, which I find in 0.05 second on Google, then thank you. So many do not bother to look for 1 minute, but simply ask directly. Unfortunately, you can’t be prevented from doing so, so I think the best solution would be simply to ask every time if you have looked up anything + show what you have tried. It can’t stop you, but it might make you think about it. Yes, I know that sometimes you forget to look (I forget sometimes, but I don’t forget all the time…), but when it starts to be automatic that you go on the forum, people write a whole script and you leave peacefully with it, then you just have to say NO. If Roblox changes the rules (I don’t know, you add that if you have help with a script, don’t ask a general question, since the discourse category is only for the regular, you have to at least show what you tried and what you read before). So yes, it is a big problem that I hope will be solved in the next days.

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There’s a reason I stopped replying to this category after 6000 posts and towards the end my posts were mostly redirects to the search bar or other articles.

You can be a nice person but you also need to learn how to reject people and have them do things on their own. Then again, see Chipio’s post, since it nails the issue more accurately. I don’t need to repeat that but you understand how it is. Same problem with category misuse and rule violations anyway.

On a side note, you can ask people to create new threads for new issues or flag new issues as off topic if they’re unrelated. One thread shouldn’t be used to consistently discuss other problems, only the one that’s posted in the OP and related issues should be.


I agree with your opinion.
Most of us had noticed that a lot of people asking for direct solutions, this kind of stuff can be easily found in tutorials videos. And it also the fact that they aren’t thinking harder to figure out the issue or not having enough knowledge to know how to do it.

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I completely agree (I was like that in 2018 not anymore tho loll). Some people don’t even try to fix it themselves before they come. The main cause of this is because most of the people entering devforum these last 2 months aren’t really devs. Most of them just watched DevKing or other youtubers, and instead of learning they just copied they’re specific tutorials. Then they come and ask questions about their tutorials. Honestly, I think devforum should become harder to enter, not just an average person watching roblox youtube tutorials who has no real intent to learn.


i probably shouldn’t be the one to talk about this since i have zero to none experience with scripting and just started learning, it’s true that many people rely too much on scripters from the forum.
in the 7 hours i’ve been looking here if anything could help me with a problem i had, i’ve seen many people who just got baby spooned. I don’t think this is the right way to teach yourself on how to code.

i think it’s sad to see how some people expect everything to be given to them. You just can’t learn of that so you’ll eventually dig your own grave as you aren’t creating any skills.


I personally believe scripting support and all these other posts should have their own categories, honestly.