People are buying Game passes (confirmed) but Roblox isn't noticing it

People are buying Gamepasses but it isn’t showing up in the analytics page of my game. I’ve tested it myself buy disowning then owning a Gamepass, but it wont show up in the analytics page.

Does this mean I wont be getting any of the Robux from the purchases made?

Howdy, a fellow friend had the same issue. The reason behind it is because of the time between purchase, and it popping up on analytics. What I advise is either waiting some time to see it pop-up, and if doesn’t work, try checking to see if you’ve selected the proper experience associated with the gamepass. Cheerio.

Thank you for your response.

  1. did your friend wait for days?
  2. That game is the only experience I even have

No problem!
As for question 1…

No, he just waited for around 1 day I believe. Just takes time for things to load, and you should be able to see it pending.

Pending you mean like in the Game/analytics/Monetization/Passes page? Because that’s where I mean to say I don’t see it.

Aye, also check developer products area too just to be safe.

nothing shows up there either…

Odd. Just checked mine, popped up under passes. Have you tried changing the time coverage?

I thought about that but nope. And when people try to purchase the item again it knows they already bought it so it is saved. but doesn’t show up on the monetization page

Just to double check, gamepasses, right? Not in-game frequent-able developer products. I honestly think you should wait it out. Could just be it not popping up due to some new robux pending system that I am not aware of, but should wait for a few days, and check it again.

So I just went to the overview section of monetization: “Hourly Revenue (Last 72 Hours)” 280rbx. Does that say anything to you?

That should be the pass sales. Seems like it’s working now. (I also bought one from your game just to be sure).

So does that mean Roblox notices it but it just isn’t showing up in the monitizations/passes page?

Yeah, Roblox has already gotten the information has noticed it, just things don’t show up immediately all the time.

Very weird.

Once again I don’t see anyone bought any game passes just now, even though you did it.

I reported the bug

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