People are trying to cheat on my game

People tried my game.but i see that they cheated with Fly or noclip.this sucks :rage:

How can i add a Fly Anticheat that teleports the Player to last position if player has gone too far from last position?

my idea is:
-Using a loop
-Then save the last position so i can teleport back to the last position if they cheat
-Waiting 1 second
-if players current position variables like X/Y/Z is bigger than the values i gave then they will be back to their last position.
-And then get the last position again.

Ill try this when i post this.

Also i need the noclip anticheat :confused:

it didn’t worked :rage:


When making an anticheat, make sure that lag won’t trigger it. This was a problem with one of the anticheats I made, as the server sees lag or a choppy client moment as teleporting in extreme client lag.

i also know this one too.Sometimes i play Doors.When ping comes anticheat detects me hacking.You made me remember this.thank you :slight_smile:

one tme I played a tycoon that envolved using a vehicle and the anticheat was so annoying with my trash internet at that time

so you could also detect ping and not teleport the player back if their ping was over a certain amount

This is helped me to make the anticheat better.

if you want to answer this,how can i detect the player is flying? so i can fix my code.

my idea might be worked but the only reason is when i enter the game the script always prints 0,0,0 position even i get the humanoidrootpart position.(i deleted the script)

I have no idea, you could look up how to detect that

Ok ill try to look for it.Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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exploiters can spoof ping, don’t detect ping and disable the anticheat if so

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