People aren't seeing my game in the "Continue" Section?

My game, (6) Nextbot Playground🩸 - Roblox, Is nowhere to be seen in the continue section? Is it because the game is new, or the game is not approved by roblox??? Thanks in advance!

They do that a lot and it’s very annoying. It depends on luck, for example my asset pack showcase game that had 0 visits showed up on my continue playing and my friend’s as well, I guess I was just fortunate.

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Games may appear on the continue page depending on luck, or it may take up to 1 week (or more) to it show up in the continue page. Also the game may be shadow banned (check if your game description doesn’t have any spam words or your game may have words like: free, limited etc.) ← Basically spam words, or your game name has been changed a lot of times so thats why it can’t show up on the continue page!

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