People banned from roblox should have this

If someone was banned from roblox, there reply’s and posts would have their avatar as the content deleted and the message is hidden thanks!

Edit: only stuff roblox and admins think isn’t appropriate won’t be hidden

No support – this would break the continuity across several topics. If their posts are not causing harm this should not be a thing.


Maybe it could auto detect topics/replies that do cause harm and delete those instead, and keep all topics/replies that don’t cause harm and are useful, like replies to Scripting Support, or Bug Reports etc.

Those would be flagged and deleted within a few hours though, wouldn’t have to be related to their termination on


But sometimes when I do that, admins remove my post and I hate it

As I remember their nickname appear gray so it’s easy to say who is banned. Also, if their previous topics don’t break any of rules, why do you want to take them down?

It shouldn’t be taken down as I said people with good posts shouldn’t be banned

Inappropriate content is already taken down, a user doesn’t have to be terminated on Roblox for this to happen. Moderation on the DevForum is different from the one on Roblox. And making good posts shouldn’t make you immune from moderation.


You know that that’s near impossible right? Auto detecting harmful posts is very hard, all you can do is look for bad words in a post. Even then it could probably be bypassed very easily. Auto detecting would probably lead to some false removals as well. Also, just because a reply is in bug reports or scripting support, doesn’t mean it can’t be harmful.

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Then I completly don’t understand what your post is about. You only say people who are banned and their post is inappropriate should be deleted but let me remind you, you can write inappropriate post here and get it deleted without your account being terminated first on Roblox.