People on the DevForum are Choosing to be Rude Over Helping Out

Yep, you saw the title. Nowadays, when I ask a Scripting Support question, people will be rude instead of helping me, and no one else will actually help me. Here’s an example.

There was one time when I had a question on how to transport a group of players to a freshly made server, like in a Story Game. After waiting about an hour or so, I noticed that no one responded to my question. So, I slammed my hands on my keyboard for a reply and deleted it so people could see it again. Didn’t work. After a while of this, I finally got an answer.

The reply just explained how I should use RemoteEvents and stuff like that for my game, but I was looking for a code sample. I thanked the person for their reply, but said I was looking for a code sample. Then, after trying the hand-slamming technique a few more times, I finally got another reply.

ppl are not going to create system for you though, most only will give examples on “How to Make a Server Creation System”.

Nobody cares, man! Also, as a matter of fact, there are people who would give me an entire working “Server Creation System” which wasn’t even what I was asking for in the first place. It doesn’t matter if you wouldn’t, you don’t know what every single person on this forum would do.

I feel like people should help out rather than say things they don’t know for sure. I see these kind of things all the time, like “There are posts like this already on the DevForum so I refuse to help you”. If there wasn’t at least some similarity between posts, then a lot of the DevForum wouldn’t exist. Also, mods can merge topics so it’s no big deal.

Something I do find tolerable is people pointing out that their post belongs in a different category/subcategory, which helps their post not get taken down. Other than that, just help the people who ask for it instead of pointing things like this out.

Here’s the link to the post I was talking about in case you want to help out.


I don’t really see this problem often. There is no real solution other than trying to only post when you think your topic is VERY unique.


Just as a disclaimer, I don’t speak for everyone but I think I do a pretty good job of it. I’ve been helping out on the forums since 2015 after all.

We do have a lot of questions to go through, especially considering we’re not being paid. If some of us get a little sarcastic or use fewer words (which can make us seem impatient), don’t get offended. I wish it wasn’t like that, but it isn’t new. At least you’re not on StackOverflow.

If you want an honest answer, first tell me how much you know. When people give such specifics in a where-do-I-start manner, it’s typically because they don’t understand much of it, if any. If that’s the case, then here is your answer. As a rule of thumb, if you need to ask where to start, you are not ready to start.

Start scripting by looking up tutorials, and then once you think of something that is probably easier to do (such as a single teleporation, or turning a part green) look it up and see if you can figure it out. As you learn, new concepts will become clear and you will get more ideas of what is possible and what is difficult.

If you wanted to ask only how to move a player because you had a general idea of everything else, I would tell you. Use the SetPrimaryPartCFrame method of Model. But most of us don’t have time to sit there and wait for you to reply with “Okay, now it is asking for a CFrame? Where do I get that?”. That leads to more frustration on both of our parts.


I only use the DevForum when there’s something I can’t find online or in the DevHub. I also know quite a bit about scripting, I’m actually working on a game right now.

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Please do not bump posts. That’s not good practice. It’s especially bad practice when you do it multiple times. You need to learn to be patient.

Asking for fully scripted works is considered spoon-feeding, and is not allowed on the forum. It doesn’t matter whether people would or wouldn’t, it’s just not allowed.

This is called mini-modding and those who do this should not be tolerated and instead flagged.

Do not post duplicate topics. That is, again, against the forum rules.

Last thing, please do not call out others. This is considered a personal attack.

These five points:

  • Bumping
  • Spoon-feeding
  • Mini-modding
  • Duplicate Posts
  • Call-outs

Are all against the forum’s rules.

It sounds like you’re falling for the straw man fallacy. They did, in fact, give you a piece of advice, and did not do anything wrong.

Please do not rant on the forums.


It was unfortunate what you have experienced, but there is always another side to the story.

Did you mention your problem specifically? Did you try to find rescources or current topics which already solve your current problem? Did you trigger a spark?

If not then I am sorry, people shouldn’t be acting this way on a forum. It was always a place to help developers of any kind and not for unprofessional manners.

I hope you find out a solution to your current problem.

Oh dear, I guess it was outhanded. In that case they technically did nothing wrong. If he did have bad experiences then I am sorry for him but this is a pretty reasonable case right here.

FYI; this isn’t being rude. As mentioned in several posts above it’s only an advice and if you don’t like it then ignore it. As for mini bumping your most, it’s not ideal. We all want our questions to be answered and problems to be solved but if no one replied then it is more likely they don’t know the solution.

The forum is a great place, but you shouldn’t 100% rely on it for support. In fact, you should never rely on someone else for support. For more support, you can go into a few scripting servers to narrow your issues. (ScriptingHelpers, Hidden Developers, etc).

Lastly, we want to keep this place as professional as possible. There are also possible miscommunication between users. Some words may have been better worded or rephrased but that is just how things are.

In this instance, at least the person who did reply bothered replying.

I don’t really see anyone being rude in that thread. Even the guy who said nobody is going to give you a whole system gave you something to check out (MessagingService)

Don’t get me wrong, but Scripting Support isn’t a category where the others waste hours of their time in order to make scripts for people that ask it. It’s used in order to receive support for bugs.

That person was right, even though it’d better if it had been sent in DMs. @M_caw also stated the rules you broke. It’s not like you’re innocent.

Anyway, you never get constructive feedback in Scripting Support.

EDIT: I saw his reply, I don’t find any problem with it. He just said you’re not gonna receive an answer and told you to try Messaging Service.

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I’ve read through the entire chat, and nothing I read could be classified as “rude” like most post authors here can agree with. It was general information which even came with a bit of advice, however the way he worded it was a bit lacking when it comes to formality and knowledge on the system you’re trying to create. I can see how you might’ve mistaken it for being a bit rude, however I can assure you that was not the author’s intention. If you have a problem with the message, flagging it as “off-topic” would be the best course of action. :ok_hand:

To be fair your question was pretty vague which lead’s to people thinking you were asking for a free script.
I’d like to create a system where players can create a lobby that players can join in, and when the lobby has enough players, the host can teleport the group into a new server of a different place. I’m hoping to make it kind of like a Story Game lobby, but with GUIs and a host that choses when the game is started. Please help if you can.

What did you try so far though? This is why someone could have thought you didn’t try to help yourself and now you expect other people to do it (if you didn’t try anything). If you have tried something you should have listed it.

A forum needs some level of quality otherwise it wouldn’t attract users who can help run it by answering questions for free. By having spammed duplicate topics it lowers the quality of forum and makes it harder to find what your looking for. Imagine we have 100 topics saying:

'what does :GetChildren()) do

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I have noticed that a lot of people on the forum (especially those who patrol #help-and-feedback:scripting-support) have a massive ego and think they are the best scripters in the world.

It’s a shame because often OPs don’t look into better solutions, yes someone’s solution may work as you want it to but it may not work on large datasets or it might be really inefficient given the context of your game.

But there’s nothing we can really do to stop it.

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Respect works both ways my man. Sadly, if you’re not an known developer or someone who is important to the community representation wise etc. Then you’re not going to get noticed really.

If you want the help you seek. Then help others to become better. Find those posts that people never see and help 'em out. :smiley:

Other than that. Developers will most likely choose someone with reputation over someone with none. I’m personally not that type of developer. I’ve coded for like 6/7 years. And i’ve done all my work for free. Robux, Reputation and that isn’t a key. Making someone happy is the key in my case.

Point is. Respect goes both ways, You do something for the community. You will most likely get noticed by developers who will pay attention to what you post. Etc.

Reply if it doesn’t make sense. I’ll try and picture it a different way.

Yes, people should help others out when their posts go unnoticed, but instead, people choose to be rude. I feel like only the most basic questions are answered, while mine are a bit more “Advanced” so people don’t bother. On the DevForum, people only answer that can be easily found online because it’s “Basic”. A lot people just use the DevForum to get solutions on easy questions to make themselves look good instead of helping the people who need it the most.

True. Errors such as “Error in error handling” I have no idea what to do.
but I already know not to post it on developer forum because I know no one will give me the time of day to investigate. But that doesn’t mean that the developer shouldn’t go and google.

Research is key when developing. It gives you knowledge that sometimes school and that cannot teach.

That would also be a Roblox error, so you would ideally post it so that the Roblox staff could see it.

Well. What do you mean. It wasn’t a studio fault. It was my code generally not working. It was an anti cheat system and I was messing with the environment.

But the person answered correctly.

It is even on the guidelines of #help-and-feedback:scripting-support !

It says: Please do not ask people to write entire scripts or design entire systems for you. If you can’t answer the three questions above, you should probably pick a different category.

And another rule of the forum is that you should search the answer by your own methods, and if you can’t find anything on the DevHub of here, THEN create your post. You can’t blame on people just for not answering your question

I’m pretty sure that “slamming keybord” technique wich you used is forbidden on the forum too

To be honest, I don’t think their reply was very rude. Maybe they’re wrong—it’s very difficult to compare numbers—about “most”, but we can’t be sure. It sounded much more like they’re stating an opinion than insulting you.