People ruining ads CTR

Okay so, I ran R$50,000 on this ad around a week ago;

When I first ran the ad it received, 0.14% CTR, now the second time I ran it(at the same amount), it received similar CTR which I was happy to see. Then out of nowhere I see the CTR shoot up to nearly 1% which is statistically impossible.

Now I’m wondering if Roblox is ever gonna do something about this, potentially adding an IP limit to how many times an individual IP can click an ad link which would be reasonable considering I don’t think any average individual would click my ad 100 times in a single day. This is very frustrating considering I use the change in CTR to base when I need to purchase a new ad or run a different one. I’m sure other developers do the same, now the CTR avg on this is ruined, I understand I could easily reupload the ad, which I am going to but this is a recurring issue I think would be worth Roblox looking into.

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Not sure why someone would do this other than to just be a nuisance, but it does seem people are botting CTRs up by spam requesting the endpoint that increments the Roblox internal click statistics.

Roblox definitely needs to add an endpoint ratelimit, one time click recording (make it only increment clicks once per user), or some sort of system that doesn’t allow this to happen. (It’s pretty difficult to do without major changes in a platform like Roblox, but it’s possible through a timeline)

It’s especially frustrating to be unable to see how effective an ad is which makes it a “shot in the dark” at deciding which ad to invest the most Robux in.


Seems like it is botted. Wonder if sponsored ads show similar results.

Roblox should definitely add a statistic that shows the number of individuals who have clicked the ad. This might not help, but considering you need Builder’s Club to see Roblox User ads, it will be a significant improvement.

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