People start making clone games of my game trying to mislead the players while using the search engine


So yesterday my friend and I released a game : 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦FAMILY! Paradise Roleplay - Roblox

The problem is, because so many people start hating it and have a huge desire to take it down
thus they try to make clone games and try to mislead other players that enjoy the game as shown here

Roblox has a huge issue that needs to be fixed, regarding the search engine and clone games

I haven’t tried any solution yet since I have no idea of what I am supposed to do right now, this is my first ever game that I have launched, and I am already facing lots of hate from a good amount of people.

Please share with me your solutions and probably experience if you have any.


Actually to be honest, in times like this, it’s best to email roblox at Support, please list all the usernames of the people who copied your game, and make sure to place those usernames when reporting this to support along with the picture of your game being cloned. I hope you get through with this issue.

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It looks like it was botted, there are probably over 100 copies of the place.

If the issue, of your game, is botted, still report this to Roblox support as I’ve stated earlier, if you have proof that a certain user is really threatening you that he/she will copy your game just to mislead users, it’s better recommended if your ever in-contact with that person to have a picture of the chat as evidence that user is behind the bots.

Though if this is not the case, the most simple way to deal with this, is to report this to Roblox Support.