People with "Play" access can't join their own private servers on a private game

Bug Description

People with “Play” access on the Collaborate tab. Can create private servers on a private game. But when they try to join their own Private servers, they get this error:

Places of occurance:

I tested this in one of my testing experiences. This is the ID 8829660439

I tested this with one of my friends.

System Information

Windows 10 - 64 Bit
but I don’t think it’s system relevant

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a game

  2. Go on Studio and add someone to “Collaborate” at the top right and give them “Play” access, NOT “Edit”. (Game must be uploaded I think)

  3. Access and find your game

  4. Go to “Access” and turn this option on “Allow private servers”

  5. Tell your friend that has “Play” access to create a private server

  6. Your friend should now join their own created private server.


Expected Result

The user with “Play” access, should be able to join their own private server.

Actual Result

They’re unable to join the server.


It’s weird how Roblox didn’t go over this when configuring the permissions for those on Team Create.

But yet, I seem to be experiencing this when attempting to play a test game under my Developer account.

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Thanks for the detailed repro steps. I’ve made my team aware of this issue


We followed the steps but weren’t able to reproduce the issue. Could you try again just to make sure it wasn’t a temporary issue?

This issue still occurs.

It’s not me that can’t join, it would be users with Collaborate Play access. That’s the test.

im having similar issues but with my self, i own my game am the sole owner, not in a group game, has it set to public and private servers allowed, i can others priv server and reg servers but if i try to join my priv server it says i don’t have permission, and yes, allow joining is turned on bc my friends can join my and their priv servers.

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