Peoples' headshots are inverted or something?

Their small headshot is white looking, but the actual one has color when I click it.
These aren’t the only people who this are happening to. Basically everybody on the forum’s headshots are like this. How to fix this?


It does indeed look like a bug. Maybe report it on #forum-help:forum-bugs?


Can’t repro:

You likely have enabled some setting in your browser for high contrast mode.

It looks like you already know the reason as well: Black and white mess on Roblox Devforum - #2 by camomileex0


The problem is how to fix this?

It is due to a force dark mode flag, I have this enabled on Edge on my HP Stream 11 and it does change the colour of icons/pictures.

Please go look in chrome://flags or about:flags (not personally a Firefox user so I dont know if it’s the right link) and search for ‘force dark’, make sure everything is set to disabled (you can try setting this to default but some browsers like Opera Touch has the flag enabled by default).

Edit: By looking at this, the top flag here should be the one that you need to change, try setting it to 0, the other options here are relating to gtk which is basically the UI of some applications

If you’re using Chrome then just disable the force dark mode for web contents flag.

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I am aware but why does it do this? Making images dark is just stupid

This isn’t something you should be asking us, all the web browsers do is change the CSS code.

I wouldn’t recommend daily driving with a force dark mode flag, I only have it turned on on my other computer since I use it generally just for homeschooling.

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How could an image’s code even be changed? Again why would this?

Why not? It burns my eyes.

Most sites do have a dark mode now though, Google, YouTube, Roblox, DevForum and many other sites support it.

Don’t ask me. Ask Google or Mozilla.

Google Hangouts is pretty old now, wouldn’t be surprised if Google depreciates it.

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Google Hangouts? Nope.

Please submit bug to your browser’s maintainer instead