Per-player group permissions

Going off of this thread, I think it would be fantastic to be able to override group roleset permissions for specific users.

For example, I’ve created a rank in my group called Developers because I have people whom I want to work on our projects - but I don’t want the other users at their rank to be able to edit the places. Instead of having to put alts at these ranks, I think it would be good to have the ability to keep the current system, but allow users to add and remove permissions for specific users in that roleset. That way, I could make it so that the General rank cannot edit places, but General SampleUser could.

It’s also pretty important that we get the following two features for place security purposes:

  • Ability to control which games users with the permission can edit
  • Better logging system (show who went into Edit mode for how long, what they did maybe, etc.) than just “configured asset”



IMO, managing permissions per-user could get pretty messy as stated here. That thread also offers an alternative suggestion of hidden, internal roles – players could have multiple internal roles assigned to them (e.g. “community moderator”, “placeA edit access”, etc) and then it would be very easy to, at a glance, see who had what permissions, which would be pretty difficult if you were trying to find out which members had manual exceptions in their permissions.

Ability to control which games users with the permission can edit

Yes please. This is very important for any large development group.

Better logging system

Another amazing suggestion


I do like instead of the “per user” rolesets, there are more internal roles you can attach to people, so maybe multiple roles being assigned? That is something more likely possible as well


That’s what I suggested in the thread I linked where I elaborated on the benefits of it further. I think that is the cleanest, most powerful, and best solution. There’s no need to expose any mess to front-end users of the group (non-admins), there’d be no difficulty keeping track of who had custom permission exceptions, and it’d make managing large groups significantly easier.


My group, H&K, is a guild of gun builders. For fun, we decided to make a showcase for the higher tier gun builders to work on. However, I want to include some lower ranked gun builders. I am only able to select them by ranks. By this, either I get 30 people access to the place, or none at all for that rank. By allowing 30 people access to the place, although we are a mature community, it heightens the risk of griefing.

Implementing this would be beneficial for our guild.