Perfectly Edge-less Icons

So lately I’ve been experimenting with completely edge-less game icons, and they look really good! It was so easy to accomplish that I wonder why other developers aren’t doing this? One of my friends said it might be against ToS, and I just wanted to confirm that things like this are allowed: Capture


It’s not against ToS I don’t think. Personally the reason I don’t use it is because the transparent icon looks a bit clunky with the game caption at the bottom (white bar) which isn’t fitting snug against the bottom of the icon :man_shrugging:


I’ve heard it’s against ToS as well, although everyone seems to do it.


Ok thanks! I thinks edge-less icons could be very good for click rates. Users are going to be so used to square icons that when a circle pops up it should stand out more.


Thats an interesting idea…

It’s not against ToS it’s just frowned upon by most of the community.

I believe Royale High had a circle icon for a bit and a lot of front page games did the same in retaliation as they didn’t approve.


It’s certainly not against any rules. I do remember hearing that some consider non-square icons as an unfair advantage (they catch the eye more when surrounded by square icons) but I’ve never seen actual evidence supporting this:


Rounded edges/frames used to be on the discouraged practices list before the shift to the developer hub, now they don’t seem to be listed at all.

The reasons provided were because it creates more noise and limits the versitility of the games page. I think it’s safe to assume they’re allowed (but likely still discouraged), as any up to date resources that I can find don’t list them anymore.


Not against ToS, just highly discouraged. It’s similar to the branding guidelines. Roblox won’t go after you about it, but understand that they may not think highly of you for it. They may also ask you change it, if for example you attempt to become featured or take part in an event.


Well in your example, those are creators that tried using transparent backgrounds and it got filled in by roblox with a pure white. So not truly edge-less like Fray’s:

I mean I don’t even have to circle the game in my example for you to see it.


Despite that, it still stands that there isn’t enough evidence to confirm any unfair advantage. Prove the theory by making two near-identical icons - one square, and one edge-less, and compare the data after a month of using each.

As Peteyk473 said, people are mostly complaining about the aesthetic of the games page anyways - but in my opinion it’s fair game to use creative tactics to see if there is in fact a benefit, aesthetically pleasing or not (see Strucid’s icon). But until I see evidence, I’m not buying that there’s any real benefit.