Perform spikes my frame rate

I’m in ROBLOX Studio and every time I hold right click to move the camera around, the perform bar on the profiler spikes immediately, even on an empty base plate. This happens at every place I go to in Studio. I want to say that it doesn’t bother me much but here’s a reference image:

The boxed area is where renderstepped / heartbeat / physics / etc reside in, just to give you a size reference

This has been ongoing ever since I built my computer weeks ago, but it’s gotten to the point where I want this to stop happening. Here’s some stuff that might help with debugging it maybe?

I usually have the latest version of Chrome, Discord, and Skype open with ROBLOX Studio.


  • i7-6700k
  • Asus Maximus VIII Formula mobo
  • Integrated graphics (for now, no judging please)
  • 16gb of RAM
  • Windows 10

@zeuxcg if you can help me out with this, or anyone in general, that’d be great :joy:

Well, there you have it. Judging by the screenshot, it’s waiting for the “display controller” to finish rendering. Not sure about the spikes though; do you by any chance have vsync forced to on in driver settings?

It turns out I did, but the spikes still happen when I disable it.