Perfumiez Rules & Regulations


As a member of Perfumiez there are some rules that you must follow, as they are vital to your progression here as a Member.


  • Bullying: Perfumiez does NOT allow Cyber-Bullying. If we see Cyber-Bullying you will be demoted/removed from the server, as this is not a behavior we look for here.

  • Hate Speech: Using Hate Speech against Perfumiez, members, or other ROBLOX Groups is highly unacceptable. This behavior may result in removal from the server.

  • Foul Language: Perfumiez does NOT accept Foul Language, using Foul Language will result in an automatic mute.

  • Spamming: Please do not spam, as that will result in a mute as well, and if you continue a permanent blacklist and or removal.

  • Caps Abuse: We understand you would like to get your idea across to multiple people; however, there is always a time and place for using Caps.

  • Username/Outfits/Profile Pictures: Putting inappropriate things on them will first result in asking if you can change it then removal if not complied with.

  • Drama: Starting Drama is not accepted. We are not here to deal with your Drama. We want you to enjoy your time here, but there is a limit on drama, etc.

  • Advertisement of Other Groups: If there are reports of you advertising your group in our Members’ DMs or in game, you will be immediately blacklisted from Perfumiez.

  • Roblox ToS: Perfumiez wants everyone to follow the Roblox Terms of Service while in game.

  • Consequences: There are consequences for not following these rules. These can vary from a warning all the way to a ban.

  • Lastly, enjoy your time at Perfumiez as you embark on an amazing time meeting new friends, and have fun!