Perhaps some opinions on "lowest quality" game icons and thumbnails

I was making a game called “lowest quality”, which is just a low quality free roam first person shooter. I created a game icon to look higher quality instead of lowest quality kind of as a joke. Still not the best looking but it looks much better than it could have.

Alternative Game Icon

Alternative Game Icon 2

Alternative Game Icon 3

They are alternative because there will be more of this type presumably. It was made by finding some random image on google, downloading it, and editing it into what it is now. I did not draw it.

This would be the game thumbnail I rendered and edited.

Game Thumbnail

Game Thumbnail 2

I did try different styles for each one of these, which explains why they could look like they are from two different makers, or maybe I’m entirely wrong.

Opinions would be pretty decent for me to learn a bit more what people like and do not like.


Looks good, although I find that the the game icon doesn’t really sell the game to me, it just doesn’t give me shooter game vibes. Either than that, they do look good!

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