Perhaps some opinions on this new OST

So I got bored and decided to make an original sound track of a few songs I made.

1: Introduction

2: Battle In The Trenches

3: Collision

4: Charging Forward

5: No Man’s Land

6: Final Charge

Introduction is basically a song to play at the beginning of something (presumably a game or video).

Battle In The Trenches is a song to fit the role of an EDM style “action song” (or whatever its called).

Collision is a song that plays after the event of a battle (couldn’t find better words to use).

Charging Forward is a song to express the action of charging forward in a battle, the opposite of retreating or staying put.

No Man’s Land is a song to express the fighting over no man’s land (no man’s land is the area between two opposing trench lines).

Final Charge is a more “emotional” song to portray soldiers essentially giving their lives to the final charge, hence the name “Final Charge”.

Some opinions are kind of wanted by me because why not.


Since no one is reviewing these OSTs. I will.

It has some good pacing and fits well for the beginning of a video or game

2:Battle in the trenches
The entire song feels like a trailer song and feels like it is a setup for a larger part.

Feels a little too upbeat for a song after the aftermath of a battle

4: Charging Forwards
At first, it feels like a slow march to battle but quickly changes up to a charge to battle.

5: No Man’s Land
Feels like a march towards battle in the first half. the rest feels like an OST that would play near the end of a battle

6:Final Charge
It does what you said it should, it feels like soldiers giving their lives to the final charge and if used well could be used to bring real emotions from the player.

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Here are some of my opinions!


Pacing is nice, and would work well for a menu/intro to a game.
Fade at 0:42 doesn’t really make sense, change it to a fading of some instruments and not just a general volume fade.

Battle In The Trenches
Very ecstatic and bright, really like the opening.
The second phrase at around 0:26 really doesn’t fit in, and needs a better change

Probs my favorite. It’s so blunt and reminds me of some music you’d hear in Notoriety on a loud mission.
Only recommendation is make the beat/percussion softer at 0:20.

Charging Forwards
Really funky starting beat, and pretty intense to convey the idea of charging.
In 0:25 it becomes a bit cluttered, so some toning off/simplifying there could help

Now Man’s Land
A really sharp synth, the percussion is just on point with this one.
There is this one metronome sounding instrument (maybe a cowbell) thats WAY to loud and doesn’t fit the vibe at all.

Final Charge
Dramatic, evolving, and really interesting.
At 0:59 that transition feals off, and bad. Change that up a bit so it doesn’t feel like there is an overlap

NOTE: I was listening to all of them as writing, so timestamps will be off by 5~10 seconds sometimes!

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