Perlin noise (Minecraft Like) terrain

I built this as a concept design while i was bored and have no plans of using this so im giving it to anyone that wants it


  • Dynamically generates terrain
  • changable render distance
  • blocks are rendered in chunks
  • can break and destroy blocks with left and right click

Note: when destroying a block no blocks are generated below it
I may add dynamically generating destroyable blocks and placeable blocks in the future but for now you got this

Also all of the blocks and generation settings are configurable in the scripts
I do not have plants to update this unless im bored again

Perlin Generation.rbxl (38.2 KB)


What looks like a grid on all the blocks is not actually there its just a weird texture

Seems cool!

  • Can this work with like multiple players or no?
  • Is there a barrier?
  • Does the same terrain generate for all people?

nice but @okeanskiy has already done this and explained in depth.

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what i think is a yes,no,yes. If there is a seed system you can do that. if you generate random seed on client then no if u do in server than HELL YEA YOU CAN.

Yes no and yes
Everything is done on the server