Permanent Unlockable Doors?

So, basically I wanted to create a barrier/door system where if a player lets say, reaches the end of an obby. The location is unlocked and can be accessed whenever they feel like they want to go into it, even if they leave and join again.

I was guessing of doing datastores and to set the door to cancollide off whenever the player reaches the end but is there an easier way to do this or how I should do this?

Besides datastores, you could utilize the HTTP Service. And honestly, for the cancollide, if you really want efficiency, just fire an event from the server and have the cancollide set to false from the client.

For me, datastore seems to be the most effective way as it’s already Roblox’s specifically-designed storage feature. But you can also use HTTP Service and it would be a little complicated since you have to store the player data someplace else and perhaps taking a little more resource for storing and retrieving the data.

Oh yeah, if it’s only one door, then perhaps you could create and award a game badge to the players. The cons is you need to be in the builders club membership, I think.

If you want the easiest way to do this; It is Roblox’s Datastore. Yes, you could use httpsService, but you would have to have your own server to process requests and it would be a mess.

Use Roblox’s Datastore service it’s the easiest way to attempt what you want. It is literally made with the purpose of saving player data. It doesn’t cost you anything, and having your own reliable server would. Use Roblox’s Datastore.

You dont need Builders Club to make badges. You only need 100 robux and a image.

My bad, I read this misleading article by Roblox, perhaps it’s just no longer updated.