Persistent Streaming doesnt always render the model

I enabled streaming mode for making sure the terrain of my game will always be rendered even if you are at minimum graphics. I enabled streaming and I set the terrain’s streaming mode to persistent, but it didnt rendered the whole terrain, it just didnt removed parts that were too far away. I dont really know what’s going on with this and what should I do for force-render a model

the terrain is made of mesh parts




Basically what I want to replicate is the terrain always being rendered like in this game:
Polaris Peak Ski Resort - Roblox (not my game)
here you can see what I want to achieve (turn your graphics to 1 and the terrain will always show up)

I don’t think streaming enabled is related to low graphics mode rendering distances, but I could be wrong.

You can have streaming turned off which means everything is persistent and still not see ‘stuff’ in low graphics mode.

I wont turn off streaming because it willl reduce a lot the lag of my game, but its also hard to understand because sometimes persistent doesnt work as intended, but I thought persistent made the model always render, but it didnt.

Persistent makes the model exist on the client, it doesn’t ensure that they can see it(due to graphics settings). Rendering is determined by graphics settings.