Persistent world/server workarounds?


I’ve been considering making a game with base building similar to DayZ, Rust, etc. The issue is that these require persistent servers that save base data unique to each world/server. Admittedly it’s been awhile since I’ve interacted with Roblox, so I am unsure if there is any way to do this, but last time I checked there is not. I’d like to see if anyone has had creative ways to allow players to build bases and allow their progress to be saved for the next time they reconnect?

Some ideas I’ve had so far:

  • Save building components and allow the users to replace everything when they rejoin.
  • “Deconstruct” the building components into their raw materials and allow users to re-craft then rebuild.
  • Save the base itself as one large structure and allow the user the place it down when they rejoin.

These ideas assume that the servers still do not persist like a game server on Rust would. I appreciate any feedback and/or ideas and welcome open discussion on the topic.

Have you considered using reserved servers and saving/loading map state in/from a DataStore?