Personal Project Progress

I’ve been making this since yesterday evening. This is the progress I have since then, any feedback? I’m going for an old look obviously, my thoughts for this build was probably a victorian home. And I think I did well on the old feel because it looks like my grandparents’ house. :slight_smile:

I have a background story I think, but if you have any of those I’ll use it with credit. So how did I do and how can I make it better with more detail?

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No no what that no that is so cool! It’s like simple yet so complex… Since yesterday evening? That is amazing! :open_mouth:

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While it’s a good build the walls and ceiling is missing a few details. You can throw a few objects on the walls like pictures old decor chandelier or fans on the ceiling Victorian houses normally feature a sort of a old feel you don’t want to overdo with the details. You should gather a few reference images of Victorian interiors and see what items it features.

In terms depending if your grandparents house has that wooden sort of feel you should look up some old theme houses just for inspiration just so you get those additional details.

Otherwise it’s a nice build there’s many things you could go about this since it’s still in progress those items will likely be added later down the line.

It looks really good to be honest, I love the style you used to make the house. I recommend adding more furniture in empty spaces to make it look better. Really nice, keep up the good work. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a wall with an old carpet and ALOT of pictures. The problem is that the theme is ok, but I’m not sure about it. It’s an old run down house that looks like my grandmas’ but I put victorian music that is kind of happy, I like it because mixing the theme makes it feel different but I don’t know if the mix up does not go together well, any feed back on that?

That would depend on if your grandma’s house was a victorian house and a little run down, which has that proper atmosphere and objects lying on the floor or left details on the wall, if the building is going into the run down look you may want to include useful things to see how it changed around the (years, months, weeks ect).

I don’t believe that mixing those certain themes would really fit if you think the theme looks ok and not additional details need to be added i would go on whatever looks best to you

Since the style is Victorian, the house features a more cartoony look from my point of view? So mixing certain themes would fit you really just have to play around with it and see if those specific styles/ theme match the structure of the build.

Really cool! I think its the perfict mix of cartoonish and realism, it fits the theme well . I love the lighting as well :+1: