Personal Thumbnail "Pull Up"

Good Feedback [ONLY]
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It looks great, I am getting the feeling of it being in the afternoon.

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Only thing is that it seems kind of repetitive, same models but with different clothing. Also, the gunshot effects could be more realistic. Other than that it looks nice!

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Yeah, It was hurting me to add the gun effect, but it was really the only one I had. Thanks for the feedback! :heart:

Yes, it was supposed to be in a sunset. But eh. I wanted the lighting to be based off a California Vibe. :two_hearts:

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This kind of design is my specialty :smiling_imp:

Something that I’d personally do, since I’m getting a GTA:SA vibe is try and make it a bit more retro with the design to give it a bit more improvement with the lighting, as I fine it’s a little blurry.

Something that I had a bud do myself, is for the bullets, is export little yellow parts as “bullet tracers”, and make them a bit transparent so that it looks a bit better, instead of just a tiny spark coming out of the gun.

I added a gradient filter to your design and overlayed it (colours I choose were pink/orange) to spice up the detail a bit, and I fine it can get better if you added more detail like that, to improve the sunset ambient.


Other then that, I rate the GFX. These type of styles are my specialty and I love seeing more of these.

Also, if you’re looking for a tool that can help you texture the parts, would recommend maplesticks’ material add-on for blender (if thats what you use)

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I understand. Thanks for the FeedBack. :two_hearts:

The police cars are a bit too close to the gangster looking people, the person sitting by the red car is a sitting duck to the police next to them. I think the windows on the building should be cracked to make it look like It’s actually happening and not like a nerf battle.