Personalization Ideas (for school presentation)


A teacher friend of mine has asked me to do a guest presentation about game-development/programming/Roblox. The target audience is 13 year old students, as part of a math class.

I’ve done similar talks in the past about rendering in general for older kids, and making games for elementary school kids. One great way to get these kids excited and engaged is to “personalize” part of what I’m showing them. In the rendering class we took some photos of the class room and slapped them on some walls in a simple Unity level. In a game programming class for a bunch of 8-year-old kids I made a simple browser based pong game, and then uploaded the face of the teacher as the ball to bounce back and forth between the paddles. Hilarity ensued, kids love that kind of stuff.

Of course, Roblox has a very strict content moderation policy (understandable), and I can’t upload photos of the teacher or students.

I’m looking for other ideas to “personalize” or “localize” something in a new Roblox game I’m making for this presentation, to make it more fun and engaging for the students.

One simple idea is to put the name of the school somewhere on a billboard in front of a building. If I wanted to take this even further, I might snag the school’s floorplan and rough out an entire level that looks like their school.

I suppose I could make a game where you have to defeat a big scary boss that’s designed to resemble the teacher, maybe I could have the teachers name hover above it.

You know, anything that’ll get a chuckle from a bunch of kids that might otherwise be bored in school (especially in math class, for most of them).

Looking forward to your suggestions.


Jaap Suter


Ohh this is really cool!

Maybe you could make a small little adventure game where the player is on a quest to find the number 2, and the reason why number 2 is missing is because number 10 snatched it from its place in the numberline, numbers 1-9 except 2 could be npcs that give you the clues to where number 10 is hiding number 2, and the final boss battle is defeating number 10 and placing 2 back on the numberline


so you need to turn math into a game?

make money quiz

a player sits infront of me and i ask him question
for every question he got right he gets 100 coins and 25 lvlPoints

the player can buy harder questions in packs for coins
some packs require lvlPoints in increments of 100

there are also badges
and pets (pls dont, overused)
and with “me” or “i” i mean my character

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I think this one sounds cool and funny.

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