Perth Airport Terminal 3 & 4

Hello all, welcome back to Perth Airport after 4 billion years. I have no idea if you guys look at this stuff anymore, as usual i’ll link the game and the group and supply you guys with photos and background info. This is almost a 1:1 recreation of the real airport.

Has this taken us too long?

Background Info

Hooray you actually have an interest. I’ve been duo building this game with one of my friends for just under a year and a half. We are very far from being done We’ve only finished majority of the interior of the airport, not the exterior. We will be done in the next 45 centuries. Yes. This is almost a full 1:1 of the real airport.


yes i know the lights suck here

I know this looks horrendous at the minute

As always a large amount of photos idk either man.

uhhh idk qna ig idk what u guys like

are we hiring devs

can i buy ranks

can i get guns
yes be the federal police or cry more

how can i get involved
idk bro go to this group and this game

as always i love the dev forum pls give feedback thanks bye

thnak you


Sick…Simply a great recreation ngl…

btw dude what’s with the news reporter faces​:joy::joy:

This build is really cool. I can’t believe you took the time to recreate an airport :joy:, but it looks good.

Looks absolutely amazing!
It’s nice to see people actually doing the research and spending the time rather than doing a “This is what I think an airport should have. What should I add?” type of post.

And again, the news reporters?

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These airport terminals look great! Nice job on them!

hey man the reporters are :fire: (they are not)

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